Monday, November 5, 2012


Since this is my first official Autumn out of school, I decided I finally had no excuse not to make myself a really awesome halloween costume this year. I stumbled across this blog tutorial in my quest for the right costume:

Sure, it's a tutorial for a little girls' cloud costume, I just couldn't help myself. I needed to make a tiny adult sized version- for myself! I must admit that I underestimated the size/number of the balloons I would need even for my small torso, so it ended up being more of a chest piece than a full-body cloud. It's just as well though, I didn't need to cut arm holes into the fragile paper mache structure, and as it was, I already needed someone to feed me my drinks and help me get my bangs out of my eyes when I was wearing it.

I will try to get around to posting in-progress photos, but for now, I've created a page for the completed costume in lookbook. You can check it out and "hype" it below.