Monday, August 10, 2009

Coming Soon: the Magic Orb Road Trip!

On Wednesday, I and my friend Carter will begin an epic 2 day journey that will serve as the main metaphor in my new art piece about the roll fate plays in our lives, and the fine line between the excitement of spontaneity and foolhardy reliance on chance as ones main vehicle in life.

Hopefully this will be the premier experiment in an even greater artistic study. A pilot episode, if you will.
I was discussing this venture amongst a group of creative types whom I am fortunate to call my friends, and one of them who had not yet heard of my project suggested I read a book called "The Dice Man," a dark comedy that seems to share a premise with my project's theme.

I looked it up on Amazon, and though I rarely buy online, I think I may just have to order it immediately. Although, on the flip side, I arrived at my concept very independently, and not wanting to appear derivative, I am hesitant to have my assumptions and preconceptions of my uncompleted "assignment" tainted by someone else's thought process.
I won't have time to receive and read it before Weds anyways. Yaaay! Potential conundrum averted!